Our team

Nextpoint brings together people who believe in the power and impact of working and learning together. Our team has diverse knowledge, skills and experience in collaboration. We are committed to sharing and learning with others


Wanda Jamieson
Wanda Jamieson likes to connect people, policies and ideas with strategic actions. She is inspired by the power of collaboration and by practical efforts to meaningfully engage people from all walks of life. Wanda’s focus areas include strategic planning, program design, performance measurement and evaluation in fields such as social development, justice, health, youth development and community engagement. Her approach to evaluation is collaborative and strong in qualitative methods. Wanda works with a range of public, private and not-for-profit organizations and groups at the national, provincial/territorial and local levels.


Dianne Kinnon
Dianne Kinnon enjoys the creative process of solving problems and designing initiatives that make a difference. She specializes in research and analysis, knowledge development and sharing, strategic planning, and program and partnership development. Dianne works on a wide variety of social, health, justice and Indigenous issues that involve multi-stakeholder engagement and collaborative action. She engages in projects throughout Canada and the Arctic and has worked with and for First Nations, Métis and Inuit organizations. Dianne values respectful and effective working relationships, based on shared values and common goals.

Amy Jones (Knobelsdorf)
Amy Jones, driven by her positive spirit, brings a vibrant and down to earth professionalism to her work. She co-creates social leadership, youth action and engagement, and supports reflective evaluation practices within organizations and groups. Working in Canada and with collaboration specialists in the United States, Amy has acquired unique, deep, hands-on experience in collaborative engagement, coaching, facilitation and mentorship. She has worked with multi-sectoral stakeholders in Indigenous communities in Northern Ontario and Alberta, with a focus on youth voice, leadership and engagement.

We work with a dynamic network of people. We create teams that work with you, your ideas and your needs.